Black Duck Technology

Not all open source management solutions are created equal. Black Duck solutions are built on a foundation of industry leading technologies that ensure you get the most complete and accurate view of open source risks in your software.


Multi-Factor Open Source Detection

Most solutions rely solely on dependency information obtained from package managers like Maven and Gradle, making them ineffective for languages like C and C++, and leaving you blind to open source flies under the radar of the package manager. Only Black Duck provides multi-factor open source detection that gives you both fast results and the ability to detect undeclared, modified, or even partial open source components (a.k.a. “snippets”).

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End-to-End DevOps Integrations

Automation and integration are essential for modern agile software development and DevOps. With Black Duck you can manage open source risks at every stage of the application lifecycle. Define open source use policies once and automatically alert and enforce them in IDEs, build/CI tools, and container deployment platforms.

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Enhanced Vulnerability Data

Many solutions only provide CVE information from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). But not all vulnerabilities are documented in the NVD, and those that are may take weeks to appear and provide limited information when they do. Black Duck’s independently researched Enhanced Vulnerability helps you win the race against open source hackers, providing same day vulnerability notifications and risk and remediation guidance not available in NVD.

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The Definitive Open Source KnowledgeBase

For over a decade, the Black Duck Knowledgebase has been the definitive source for open source component information. Using continuous automated data collection from over 9,000 global sites and forges, curated and validated by Black Duck’s team of experts.

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