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Industry Solutions

Automating open source management
in the most demanding environments

Open source has revolutionized the way applications are built in every industry. However, many industries have market and regulatory pressures which require effective tracking and management of its use. See how Black Duck’s open source risk management solutions give development, operations, security, and legal teams the tools they need to manage the unique open source use challenges they face in their industry.

Automotive and Connected Vehicles

Open source software is a core component of modern vehicles, but maintaining visibility and control over the complex automotive supply chain is difficult. Black Duck Software helps auto manufacturers and suppliers to keep passengers safe and protect valuable intellectual property.

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Financial Services and FinTech

Today’s financial institutions depend on open source software to deliver web and mobile applications which access, transmit, and store sensitive personal information. These are attractive targets for hackers using unpatched vulnerabilities to gain entry. Black Duck helps financial services and FinTech organizations automate the vulnerability identification and remediation process to avoid security breaches, regulatory violations, and financial losses.

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Federal Government

With the emergence of new standards encouraging the use of open source by government agencies and organizations, visibility and control over component use is critical. Black Duck helps government agencies and contractors satisfy current federal cybersecurity initiatives, by automating processes to detect and manage open source security risks in your applications without extending lead time to deployment.

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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection regulations instituted by the European Union outline the application security standards against which organizations will be measured when handling the sensitive information of EU citizens. With application vulnerabilities comprising the most common attack vector for malicious hackers, open source management and third-party web services audits play a critical role in avoiding GDPR non-compliance.

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